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A special letter from an adopter

Hello Carol! It’s been almost a year since my husband and I adopted the little Chi/Weiner Dog mix you were calling Nikki. You may remember that we traveled from Western Pennsylvania (Meadville) to meet her. Of course, it was love at first sight and we were not leaving without her. I wanted to send you an update and let you know she is fabulous! My husband, Dan, and I love her beyond words. I’ve sent a couple pictures. One includes her best friend and sister, Sophie. Lounging on our bed is one of her favorite places to hang out. Molly is the sweetest, loving little dog. She is so happy to see anyone who comes to the house and she LOVES our three year old grandson, Anthony. We also now have a grand daughter, Paige, who will be a year old on Nov. 4th. Molly is so gentle with Paige as well. Out of the blue this summer, Molly turned into our alarm clock. As soon as the sun began to appear (even though it was about 5 AM), it was time to get up. She was relentless and wanted us up. She would dig on our heads, walk on our back, and do whatever it took to get us up. Of course, it did not matter to her when it was the weekend and we wanted to sleep in. It’s funny because our other female, Sophie, started the “monkey see, monkey do” and began the same type of morning behavior in trying to get us up. It’s darker now in the early morning hours, so we can sleep in a little more. When I last had Molly to the vet’s office, she weighed 18 pounds. She grew a bit larger than I thought she would, but that is OK. She’s as tall as our other two dogs, but she has smaller features. As she got older, her ears developed brown speckles. Our other dogs are a pure Jack Russell Terrier, who is now 14 years old, and a Jack Russell/Weiner Dog mix who is 2 years old. Molly loves to chase the laser light with Sophie and they run up and down the hall together barking. She also LOVES her walks. My husband loves the fact that Molly likes to be on his lap while he watches television. Any dog we have ever had always gravitated to me and Dan was second fiddle. Molly seems to choose him when its TV watching time, and my husband sits and pets her back the entire time. He loves her as much as I do. Molly is healthy, happy, and lucky that we found each other. She is the perfect little baby for Dan and I.

Thank you for the work that you do to find loving homes for these unwanted pets. I was reading a pet adoption story on Facebook the other day and a statement within that story touched my heart…”Anyone who believes that money can’t buy love has never paid a pet adoption fee”. So incredibly true!

D. T.