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Diesel’s Journey

Believe it or not, Diesel was posted on craigslist for 100.00.

Passed from home to home… with no vetting at all. At approx 6 months of age he had been through 3 homes already. He was sweet and loving and deserved a better life.

When we saw his little face, we knew we had to step in and help him.
The person who had him for sale didn’t care that we were a rescue and would get him the surgery he needed. As long as we had 100.00, he was ours.

Diesel had surgery at Animal Care Center, Danville, PA, to repair his cleft.

Once he was healed he was available for adoption. Diesel ended up being adopted by a wonderful woman who had adopted another dog (Bella) from us a year prior.

He and Bella are now living the best life a dog could ever hope for <3

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