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An Amish Lesson

For years she lived in the mill as a breeder, nothing more then a money maker. Living in a cage in a dark dank building, surrounded by dozens and dozens of other dogs. She knew nothing of love. But then one of the Amish boys took a liking to her and asked his father if he could have her as a pet. Looking back, you have to wonder if this lesson was planned in advance, because the Amish father actually said yes to his young son.
This beautiful blue pittie(who the boy named Piggy) thrived under the affections of the boy. She was still used for breeding, but she had run of the farm and even got to sleep on the back porch. She learned to love other dogs, kids, and adults too. She was a good dog, she didn’t kill the farm cats, she didn’t get in the way and she kept making them money.
But then one day, she outlived her usefulness to the father. It was time to teach his son a lesson. The father contacted rescue saying he had a blind cocker spaniel puppy that was just 9 weeks old. He told rescue that if they wanted to save the puppy, they had to take Piggy too. She could no longer be bred. If we didn’t take them both, then they both would die.
It’s difficult to grasp the logic behind their thinking. To hear how little emotion they have towards these animals. In fact the only emotion is sadness over the loss of money. Life means nothing to them.
The boy sobbed when he had to say goodbye to his beloved Piggy. He couldn’t understand what he or Piggy had done wrong. He only knew that he was losing his best friend. And so this cold, unfeeling father taught his son that animals are meant to be used by humans and when they can no longer earn their keep, you dispose of them in whatever manner you can.
It’s tragic to know that this lesson will be pounded into the boy (and his siblings) over and over again until the message sinks in. A boy with such promise, a boy with compassion and love. A boy that could have helped change the future for animals kept by the Amish. All of that was lost because of an Amish man’s greed.
But Piggy has a bright future. She will be enrolled in FIDOS SCI Coal Township. There she will learn house training, basic commands, how to walk on leash, and more. When she graduates, she will find her forever home and finally have the life she deserves.